Part Primary Colors, part All The King’s Men, The Means follows two complicated presidential candidates—and the equally ambitious rising-star journalist who is learning what it takes to get the story right.

Tom Pauley is a respected trial attorney in Durham, North Carolina, who is tapped by GOP leaders to campaign for the governor’s mansion.  His bold style makes him a favorite for a run at the White House.

Mitchell Mason, the president-elect of the United States, has finally surpassed his father’s distinguished achievements.  Mason carries out his administration with a personal touch that creates both friends and enemies.

Samantha Davis is a lawyer turned journalist, working her way up from the bottom in another cutthroat industry.  As determined as she is brilliant, her dogged pursuit of a decade-old story threatens to trigger a scandal that could change the race for the White House.

Informed by multiple in-depth interviews with insiders who have worked in the Oval Office, on national campaigns, on Capitol Hill, and for super PACS, Brunt offers an incisive, nuanced portrait of ambition, power, and what it takes to win in the ruthless world of politics today.