“Former Internet exec Brunt offers up a savage, jaded, and comical depiction of freewheeling Wall Street bond traders during their precollapse heyday in this engaging debut… As Nick’s life, his marriage, and the U.S. economy edge closer to meltdown, Brunt brings all the pieces together for a satisfying climax to this compulsively readable novel.”–Publishers Weekly

“With his noir-ish debut novel, former broker (and spouse of Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly) Brunt delves not just into the mechanics of the financial crash, but also the mindset that created the explosive state of affairs…. A smart shot at the absurdity of Wall Street and the long fall that brought us all down.” Kirkus

“While this is very much a story about greed and moral decay, Mr. Brunt does a good job of making it as much about relationships. To my surprise, I end up rooting for Nick; I want to see him succeed in saving his marriage. I want to see him emerge from the black morass he seems so stuck in.” Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“Douglas Brunt…is a persuasive storyteller…Reading The Ghosts of Manhattan, it is easy to understand how the worst of Wall Street came apart. But in Nick’s determination to escape his own inevitable destruction we are uplifted and find renewed hope for a cleaned-up world without Bear Stearns.” Forbes.com

“Ghosts of Manhattan” marks the auspicious fiction debut of Douglas Brunt, an author who readily falls into the “one to watch” category.”The Golden View

“Mix together Charles Dickens, Theodore Dreiser and Tom Wolfe and you get novelist Doug Brunt and his modern day financier character, Nick Farmer.  Faust would have a feast with so many of the people populating Farmer’s world – and you will have a literary feast devouring this book.”
– Steve Forbes, Chairman, Forbes Media

“After the mortgage bubble burst, if you ever wondered “What were they thinking?” GHOSTS OF MANHATTAN provides a thoughtful and thrilling portrait of what they were doing instead of thinking.”
– John Stossel

– Kid Rock